98 Children

Date Founded:



Dagoretti, Nairobi, Kenya

Monthly Funding Needed:

$14 per child = $1372 funded by Lift the Children

Orphanage contact:

Contact info:

254724374487, 254724328570


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Background Information

MaryFaith Children Centre is a nonprofit community based organization for orphan and vulnerable girls who have been sexually abused or have gone through other forms of child abuse. It was started in 2004 as a self help group for women to empower themselves. During their daily activities, they identified the need of starting a rescue centre for girls who have been sexually abused. The organization shelters girls who are vulnerable, especially sexual abuse victims.

It is common for girls that end up pregnant after suffering sexual abuse to be traced and returned to their families. This is dangerous because commonly the perpetrators are family members or close family friends. A return to the same environment puts the girls and the unborn children at further risk.  MaryFaith Children Center was created to help providing safe spaces for girls to stay as their cases are being pursued. After being rescued, girls receive counselling sessions to help them cope with their traumatic experiences.

Furthermore, at Mary Faith, all the girls go to school during the Kenyan academic year period. Secondary school students attend boarding schools, while primary aged girls attend classes at Mary Faith Primary School. The school is open to the community and the money earned goes into running the daily activities of the school. Currently the school has 5 teachers, two of these teachers are alumni of MaryFaith. During school holidays and the weekend, the girls are engaged in different activities to nurture their talents. These activities include beadwork, art and drawing, music classes, hairdressing, football, dancing, dress making, and others. These are skills they can use in the future to earn an income.