29 Children

Date Founded:



Likoni District, Mombasa, Kenya

Monthly Funding Needed:

$14 per child = $406 funded by Lift the Children

Orphanage contact:

Rev. Ombeva Anzani

Contact info:

254722694619, 254728115995


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Background Information

Likoni Aids orphanage was formed to safeguard, care and protect orphans and vulnerable children both affected and infected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, abandoned, neglected, and the less privileged children in society. It was founded in the year 2000 by Rev. Ombeva Anzani in collaboration with the community of Timbwani after bearing witness to vulnerable children languishing in the corridors of the sprawling slum of Timbwani.

Likoni Aids orphanage provides essential programs that ensures comfortability, flexibility, successful transition and a brighter future for children. Likoni Aids orphanage provides food, clothing, accommodation, security, education, medical care, guidance, counselling, and vocational/technical training that equip the children with life skills like tailoring, bead work, T-shirt printing, and many more.