25 September 2021

We are bringing you a new series of how the Children homes we support try their level best to make the Children Homes, home and family. In these stories- Various children homes will be sharing stories of how they make children living in their centres feel at home and enjoy just like they would have done if they were with their families.

At  kawangware initiative centre there are 48 orphans living, Mama Jane- the director says she works hard to ensure they live as one family. This is despite the differences and challenges that emerge. She shares that, just like how every family is unique, Kawangware Initiative too is a unique family.

“Most of the time we cook and share a meal equally, we begin by serving the young ones who range from 1-5 year followed by the older kids. We are often deliberate to ensure everyone tests whatever is available regardless of how little it is.” Mama Jane emphasises with a wide smile.

“As a family we go to greater extend to make every child special and valued- for instance, we organize birthday parties whenever one of our family members is having a special occassion or moement. Whether it’s a birthday, a graduation or even a minor thing like being the well behaved child of the year. During such occassions we use music, games and arrange for snacks  so the kids and everyone can have a good time.  In some instances we even invite friends and acquintances invited to join such occassions.”  The manager told our Africa Coordinator.

Beside just having good times and encouraging one another, Mama Jane, shared that hard times also offer them a huge opportunity to be a close to a real family as possible.  She says that things like when one of them is unwell, has a unique way of pulling them together-  They even  gather and pray to wish the affected member of the family well and quick recovery.

She mentioned that at the  home they have different talents such as musicians,dancers and many more. During weekends they normally hold special sessions at the children home to nurture individual talents. They have even organised events to have each member showcase their talent.

Mama Jane closes by sharing about how spirituality is a key to a better life and how they ensure that each member of their family have a chance to participate in spiritual matters. As a family they have a spiritual leader who usually visits them twice in aweek to provide them with the word of God. The young ones are given some bible verses to recite while the elder help in memorizing them.

Mama Jane as they children and the community calls her believes that by sharing these simple little things the children bond more, gain self esteem and are able to express themselves even better. In her view- It’s the Children homes are far from being typical families and to provide even half of what functioning families can provide to a child. But she contents with the fact that this family she has created is far better than being on the streets or having completely no one to care for you.



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