16 July 2021

As we continue to engage with children’s homes across Kenya, we can’t help but notice how the pandemic has greatly affected them. Whether it has to do with having to re-integrate on a short notice and without resources, having to host all the essential staffs onsite or even dealing with an influx of newly abandoned children that are streaming in like water flowing from an open tap.

This shift resulting from COVID was better when the pandemic began, because people were concerned, sponsors were worried and donors reacted with urgency to support where necessary. Actually, many of the Homes we support received a lot of donations in the first few months of the pandemic. This came in form of food, handwashing kits, hygiene materials and much more. But as the pandemic has continued to drag on and with no sign of reliable vaccinations- Donors and people of good will have become fatigued.

The handwashing kits the children homes  received have since broken down and the steady supply of food and other donations that was there at the beginning of the pandemic has become less and less each day.

Recently Lift the Children mobilized for support for some essentials to distribute to the Children’s homes. Among the things that were delivered included food packages to Mombasa based children’s homes, hygiene materials, firewood, charcoal, handwashing kits among others

The donations were received with a lot of excitement with directors of Children’s Homes terming it as a lifeline that came at the right time.

Lift the Children is committed to helping the most vulnerable and destitute children to have access to the basic needs. 100% of what you donate is forwarded to the beneficiaries.

Director at Emmanuel Hope Centre

Swabur Children’s Home receives their food Supplies from the Wholesaler

Likoni Aids Orphanage Center kids welcome firewood donated by LTC

New handwashing kits ready for distribution