1 October 2021

This is Home, this is family, these are my parents, brothers and Sisters,. I am talking about Neemaland kings and Queens Center.  Here we have a culture that inspires us daily to build our bond of unity and thrive together. In our family we are all equal before God and among ourselves and so we value each other share everything together, celebrate good times together and handle challenging times together.

Sharing is caring                                                                                                                                                                             We know that sharing is caring and we practice this everyday of our lives here at Neemland, we all live in the same facility with our Mum Bishop Grace, we all share the meals at the same time in our dining area while chatting with each other, we share snack time moments together, we all pray together. And in the evenings after our evening prayer session we usually have our dinners and watch TV together.

Celebration time                                                                                                                                                                        Good times create good memories which we really cherish, we have had plenty of them and we have a lot of good memories. For example when our Queens cleared their Form 4 and graduated with victorious pass. When we received our youngest family member King Justine We celebrated together not only for receiving him but also for knowing that a life had been rescued. Glory to God,!!. We celebrate every time when we receive new visitors at our home and we always remind them that this is home and make them feel at home too while  they are here.. like our anthem song goes:


“Welcome, welcome, welcome visitors welcome”

“We love you, we love, we love you visitors, we love you”

“Feel at home, Feel at home, feel at home visitors feel at home”

“Come again, come again, come again visitors come again”

We support each other in everything we do in our family. We have different age groups here so all our big queens and kings have a younger buddy that each of them supports while eating, dressing up, and teaching dance moves.

Talents,                                                                                                                                                                                       Being a big a big family we are blessed with different gifts and talents among us. We have good singers, dancers, footballers’ preachers and many more. These talents cannot go unnoticed; therefore we have different programs in place to nature them.

In football we have 3 categories that Neemaland team classified, by age groups 10, 14 and 15; our team has trainings every Saturdays and Sundays and is enrolled in a football club (JAOKO Soccer School)

We have a dance class and praise and worship practices every Saturday, we have young aspiring preachers who usually share the word of God with us. During our Sunday services, our singers and dancers, always minister to the congregation to minister and sharpen their talents in the process.

 Coping with Hard times and Spiritual Growth                                                                                                                                   Just as we celebrate good times together, we sometimes experience hard times and when that happens to one of us, we are all affected and automatically have to act upon it firstly by lifting them up in prayer since prayer is our pillar which always works miracles. We spend more time with whoever is affected and give them assurance.

Our daily prayer sessions and bible studies have become a lifestyle which has shaped our characters and personalities, we are always encouraged to read the bible and discuss together.

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