50 Children

Date Founded:



Kasarani District, Nairobi, Kenya

Monthly Funding Needed:

$10 per child = $500 funded by Lift the Children

Orphanage contact:

Erastus Jairus Omukhango- Director

Contact info:


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Background Information

Rehema Day Care and Orphans Centre supports children in outreach programs with education, basic needs, and vocational training.

Rehema was formed in 1990 on a Sunday when a woman walked into a church and abandoned her two children during a church service. Pastor Erastus reported to the authorities and was asked to keep the children while investigations were carried out. Ultimately, the investigations were unsuccessful, leaving him to care for the children. This was just a drop and Pastor Erastus noticed so many more needy children, which led him to establishment the centre.

In 2002, Rehema Day Care and Orphans Centre was registered to address the myriad plights of local vulnerable and needy children in Korogocho and its environs. The orphanage centre has received children that were abandoned in drainage sewers, garbage sites, and even thrown down long dark corridors of the slums. The children in the centre are between the ages of 2-19 yrs old.