5 November 2020

COVID-19 has presented numerous challenges to families and communities across the world, which is a no doubt. With cut sources of income and dwindling hopes about government intervening to cushion the most vulnerable, many families and communities have adjusted to undertaking the most basic of things to guarantee their survival.

A special category in the community that has found this time to present even bigger problems are the children orphanages. Often, the children orphanages have depended on donations whether it’s from one time well-wishers or more structured funding from abroad. But COVID-19 has since seen those taps of assured donations and support dry-up.

‘It’s a difficult place to be’, one of the orphanage directors confessed as she highlighted how all their donors walked out on them quietly and have never responded to their emails since April. ‘Imagine this donor used to support us with food, rent and even school fees for our children.’ She said, as she added that for months now they have not heard anything from their benefector.

While many Orphanages face these challenges- several orphanages have made a major shift, thanks to the support and training they had earlier received from Lift the Children. All orphanages under Lift the Children are trained and equipped with skills on how to handle emergencies, build food reserves, undertake activities such as Kitchen and sack gardening to gap up vegetable supplies in their facilities.

These trainings came in handy during COVID-19.

Metameta children home in Kangemi has stepped up their kitchen gardening to grow vegetables of various kinds. Angeline the Director during a recent interview confirmed, how through the gardening, the children are having enough supply of fresh vegetable and even are now able to sell the surplus and make some little income. She jokingly calls it ‘Milk for small children’ During LTC’s Country director visit, Angeline proudly showed him, a new hydroponic farming technology they recently received from a local donor who liked their commitment to farming. That, would not have been possible if it was not for the training she received from LTC- She concluded.

Angeline, Director MetaMeta Children Home, picking vegetables from their garden

It’s not just Metameta that is stepping out boldly to undertake farming activities and improve their kitchen gardens. Utugi angels’ children orphanage in Limuru has scaled its farming activities to dairy, poultry and organic farming to increase the farms sustainability.

A section of Poultry farming activities at Utugi Angels Children home

The same pattern is seen across various LTC supported orphanages like Divine Mercy, Gathaithi and Flomina among others.

Besides giving monthly upkeep funding, Lift the Children has deliberately and significantly channelled resources in ensuring that the orphanages can contribute towards their growth and sustainability efforts by training and entrenching exchange programs among the orphanages that share similar interests.

To this end, you can partner with Lift the Children in supporting orphanages to scale-up their farming efforts, improve food security for the orphanages and increase income which will see them become better places to host the most destitute and vulnerable children of the world.

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