Gathaithi Sustainability Project – Kenya

17 March 2014

The Gathaithi Orphans Children’s Centre sustainability installation has been underway for a full week. The Lift the Children team has constructed extensive raised bed gardens within the orphanages inner compound totaling over forty in number.

The construction of a new barn, one-acre orchard and vegetable garden, are underway with an impressive 1.7-acre field demarcated for further orchard and pond installation next week. A nursery and fencing system are also underway, as well as the renovation of a 6 person guest room for future volunteers and students seeking to further develop the program and their own skills in this soon to be amazing permaculture landscape.

Our team has also been training a mentor team of 8 graduate orphans from the center who will continue working with the children to ensure the success of the gardens and other systems.

We expect the orphanage to gain a savings within 12 months time of roughly 20,000 US Dollars per annum… and a further increase in income as longer-term systems come into effect.

Aaron Elton