What impact might donors’ assistance have on orphanages? How can donors help?

8 February 2023

A successful donor relationship has been established between Place of Grace Children’s Home and its donors, Martin and Kim Bassett

In 2018, Lift the Children (LTC) started offering assistance to Place of Grace (POG), a shelter for children who do not have parental care and are exposed to risk. POG’s founder passed away and her sister-in-law, Ruth Munanie, took over the director role. The facility was located in a slum neighborhood in Nairobi. It was in a deplorable state: the cooking was done in a hallway or outside as there was no kitchen, the food was stored in the hallway, and three cramped and dark rooms served as the boy’s room, the girl’s room, and the mother’s room. The only bathroom allowed the children to take turns bathing at night. Ruth was desperate for help. In 2021, LTC contacted Kim and Martin Bassett, donors from the United States, to provide support.

Martin and Kim were determined to help the children at Place of Grace in a meaningful way. The first necessity that LTC identified was for Ruth to consider enlarging the physical premises of POG, which was quickly eliminated as an achievable objective. Soon after being acquainted with the Bassetts, Ruth’s son, who was about to finish his university studies, sadly passed away in a car accident. Even though Ruth was hesitant to take on the task of relocation while managing her heartbreaking personal circumstances, she consented to look for new lodgings. In November of 2021, Ruth located a two-story house enclosed by a wall, just 100 meters from their old home. With the Bassetts’ support, Place of Grace relocated to its current position, which

As Ruth explains, “I have observed the children’s self-esteem and confidence increasing, even in their studies. They are no longer sent home because of school fees. We have comfortable beds and warm bedding; we have tables and chairs for dining and studying too.” In her letter to the Bassetts, Ruth writes, “you have blessed us with a balanced diet through the monthly sponsorship and frequent funds for groceries.

The success of Martin and Kim’s donation to Place of Grace, in addition to the donors’ ability to follow developments and feel a part of the home, is thanks to the donors’ close relationship with the home. They are able to easily follow up and know the progress and feel a real part of the home, in part thanks to their close relationship with the home. Martin and Kim are pleased that they have been able to assist POG in creating a warm, happy home for these deserving children. The success lies in the fact that Lift the Children has been able to use the donor-donation alliance to improve the quality of life for the children.