Transforming Child Care in Kenya: Lift the Children’s Impact

31 October 2023

In the heart of Kenya, a transformation is taking place in the way children are cared for, and Lift the Children is at the forefront of this change. As part of the Kenyan Government’s Care Reform Initiative, we’ve partnered with Children’s Home to reshape the landscape of child care. It’s been a year since we hosted the training for this initiative, and the progress is truly remarkable


The Care Reform Initiative

Launched on June 8, 2022, the Care Reform Initiative is a ten-year strategy aimed at deinstitutionalizing children and revolutionizing child care in Kenya. The primary focus is to move away from traditional institutionalization practices, like housing children in children’s homes, in favor of family and community-based care models.

A pivotal recommendation of this strategy is to reintegrate children with their parents or extended relatives, emphasizing family-based care. The ultimate goal is that by 2032, no children will reside in Children’s Homes, and these establishments will transition toward family and community-based care.

A Call to Action for All Stakeholders

The Care Reform strategy calls upon all stakeholders, including donors and non-state actors, to redirect their financial support from institutional care to family and community-based services. This reallocation of resources is critical to align with the recommended care options for children in Kenya.

One of our beneficiaries, Mum’s Love Children’s Home, has embraced this transformative journey with remarkable results. They’ve shifted their focus towards family and community-based care, with a particular emphasis on their Street Feeding Program.

Mum’s Love Children’s Home’s Inspiring Journey Through Street Feeding

Mum’s Love Children’s Home’s Street Feeding Program is a testament to the power of change. It currently supports 80 individuals, including 30 children who were once living on the streets. What’s even more inspiring is that six individuals, including children deeply affected by substance abuse, have turned their lives around. They’ve left behind their past struggles and are now productive members of the community. One of them, a talented artisan, has contributed beautiful artwork to the center. Below are pictures of the transformed artisan’s work;

Your Support Matters

None of this progress would be possible without the generous support from individuals like you. By being part of Lift the Children, you’re making a profound impact on the lives of these children and families in Kenya. We invite you to continue supporting our mission, as together, we’re creating a brighter future for children who deserve it the most.