65 Children

Date Founded:



Kisauni, Mombasa Kenya

Monthly Funding Needed:

$14 per child = $910 funded by Lift the Children

Orphanage contact:

Mrs Asha Pili - Director

Contact info:




Community - Based Organization

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Background Information

Tabarak was founded by Asha Ramadhan. Asha and her sister grew up with a lifestyle where they always had to question if they would have enough food and water for the day. They had to sacrifice their education for basic needs. Asha vowed that no child under her care would ever go through the struggle she went through and decided to start an orphanage.

She started by caring for 20 orphans in her one-bedroom house. She made her money to support them by selling Chapatti on the streets. Moving around and trying to find a stable environment was challenging. However, Tabarak has settled into a permanent space that is becoming a home to many orphans.

Tabarak also works with children through home-based care if their families are not able to support them. As well as focusing on the children, Tabarak also cares for widows within the surrounding community. They try their best to ensure that the community is a safe, secure, and welcoming place for everyone.