38 Children

Date Founded:



Matunda Town, near Mois Bridge along Eldoret-Kitale Road

Monthly Funding Needed:

$14 per child = $532

Orphanage contact:

Mrs Haeyz Mutabes

Contact info:



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Background Information

St Miriam orphanage was found by mama Haeyza Night Mutabes in the year 2007-2008 during the ethinic clashes experienced in the country (Kenya). During this period many people were killed, houses burnt leaving many children orphaned and homeless. This sad situation made mama Haeyza Mutabes to feel compassion and decided to give these children a place that they can call home.The home started with 5 children and as time moved, the number of children kept growing until it reached 78.

Mama Haeyza and the subordinate staff tried to trace for the living relatives to the children. Those whose relatives were found, were released to them.successfully 28 reunited with their families hence the home remained with a population of 50 children. The remaining 50 children remained in the care of mama Haeyza of whom 20 were later integrated leaving the home with a population of 38.

We also cater for their food, shelter, education, health and spiritual life. This care is achieved through the support of well wishers of whom are locally based within the county.

Children in the orphanage are in the following levels in terms of education:

  • Primary school
  • Secondary school
  • College

We also have a few projects in the orphanage that keeps us moving:

  • We have a farm where we engage in small scale farming to aid sustain the children in terms of food and fodder grass planting for feeding the animals.