42 Children

Date Founded:



Kabiria area, Dagorretti South, Nairobi, Kenya

Monthly Funding Needed:

$14 per child = $588 funded by Lift the Children

Orphanage contact:

Bishop Grace Omundi- Director

Contact info:

254720 313 513



Pending Charitable Children Institution Renewal

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Background Information

Neemaland Queens and Kings Centre serves needy and disadvantaged children in the community who are at risk. These include total orphans, partial orphans, the abandoned, the neglected, and those with HIV/AIDS. The center also serves orphans through outreach programs by providing them with foodstuff, counseling, spiritual nourishment, education, and other learning skills.

Neemaland Queens and Kings is located in the Kabiria area, Nairobi-Kenya. This is an area where many people living here are very low-income earners, such that even affording a daily meal is a miracle. Most of them depend on casual jobs to earn a living daily, which has made the Director of Neemaland put more effort into carrying out community work around the area to help many families who cannot afford to meet even the basic family needs. Even accessing education for children from these families is really difficult and Neemaland Queens and Kings has been of great help to them. Another challenge around this neighborhood is difficulties in accessing clean drinking water. Most households depend on water from boreholes, which is not always safe for drinking.