15 December 2023

Training for Care Reform and Case Management in Kenya

In the heart of Kenya, a powerful transformation is unfolding in the way children are cared for under the Kenyan Government’s Care Reform Initiative– a ten-year strategy aimed at deinstitutionalizing children and revolutionizing child care. The primary focus of the initiative is to move away from traditional institutionalization practices, such as housing children in children’s homes, to reintegrating children with their parents or extended relatives, emphasizing family-based care. The ultimate goal is that by 2032, no children will reside in Children’s Homes.

Since the launch of the initiative on June 8, 2022, Lift the Children has been at the forefront, hosting essential training sessions on Care Reform for the directors and staff of children’s homes. In the past year we have seen significant progress in the children’s homes we support, with 200 children successfully reintegrated with their families and communities. Big thanks to our dedicated team in Africa, who have been spearheading these transformative training sessions, conducting evaluations, and monitoring progress.

Two homes, Cheryl’s and Baraka za Ibrahim, have fully transitioned from providing institutional care to education centres and child welfare programs. These homes, which were both integral to our program for over a decade, were actively involved in our trainings on transitioning from institutional care to family and community-based care. As they graduate from our program, we wish them continued success in their mission to support children in need within the community.

Trainings for Fundraising and Sustainability Initiatives

At Lift the Children, we also aim to empower the children’s homes we support to become self-reliant and engage in self-sustainability projects and fundraising.

Alpha Joy Fundraising Event

Empowered by recent fundraising trainings provided by LTC, Alpha Joy Children’s Home took control of its destiny and organized a fundraising event on July 16, 2023. The goal of the event was to secure the future of three remarkable young individuals who had completed high school and required tuition for higher education.

Alpha Joy’s efforts resulted in a resounding success, raising Ksh 1.2 million, equivalent to $11,149.22 CAN, enough to cover all tuition costs and build a perimeter wall. This achievement is a testament to the unity that propels change and the unyielding hope that prevails against odds.

Following our training on documentation, Alpha Joy also emerged as the second-best home in proper filing and documentation processes within Limuru sub-county. Other homes within their sub-county are now seeking guidance and mentorship from Alpha Joy on the processes of documentation.

Mum’s Love Children’s Home







Thanks to our training and peer-to-peer learning, Mum’s Love Children’s Home initiated urban farming projects, including a rooftop poultry project that provides eggs and meat to the children. They also started a rabbit-keeping project, selling both meat and manure for additional income, reducing their dependency on donations. With a kitchen garden supplementing the children’s meals, Mum’s Love is contributing to nutritious and balanced diets for the children.

Mum’s Love’s Street Feeding Program, inspired by our training on sustainable projects and the shift from institution care to family-community care, supports over 100 individuals, including 50 children who were once living on the streets. Six individuals, previously struggling with substance abuse, have turned their lives around and become productive members of the community.

Smile Community Centre







Following the same trainings, Smile Community Centre established urban farming practices and permaculture. These initiatives have proven invaluable in providing nutritious food to children within the centre. Furthermore, Smile Community Centre has hired a Social Worker and implement proper documentation.


Lift the Children remains committed to driving positive change and uplifting the lives of children in Kenya through innovative training programs and sustainable initiatives.

Thank You for being a vital part of Lift the Children’s journey in 2023!!



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