14 June 2021

Smile Community Center has been  home to many vulnerable and destitute children. In preparation for the 2021 International Day of an African Child, they shared an inspirational story with us.

Angel- (Not her real name) was born prematurely. The beginning of her life, on that beautiful morning, marked the end of her mother’s life. She was alone in the world since her father was not known when she was born.

Through tracing, well-wishers and neighbors traced Angel’s grandmother to a village over 340 kilometers from Nairobi where her mom had died. Her grandmother was her only existing relative. Old, poor, and unwell, her grandmother had to assume the responsibility of caring for Angel. A member of the Ndhiwa women’s self-help group recounted that Angel’s grandmother explained that as a widow, with no means to even care for herself,  she was extremely affected by the fact that she was now to care for the small child. It was actually through this self-help group that Angel’s story was shared with a local chief. The chief then linked Angel’ grandmother with Smile Community to see if they could help. Smile Community organized, working with local children department, to have Angel moved to her new home. As we approach 2021 Day of an African Child, we received Angels story. She has grown into a charming, full of life young girl. She goes to school and spends a lot of time with her friends at Smile Community center.

In her own words…

“Our mother, Margret, helped me do things I didn’t know how to do.

She took me to school & I like the food we eat with the other children. She also talks to us a lot about being clean & bathing.

I enjoy going to school & love the visitors who come to see us sometimes with cake.

I like singing. We sing a lot of good songs here.”

What she sees life to be now and in future…

“I love our new looking home after it was repaired.


I want to grow up & become a doctor so that I can treat sick children. I feel happy and thank God for  all the help I received from the people at the smile community center.

The founder, Madam Margret, and the social worker too had something to share…

“When we met Angel, she was very underweight and lacked self confidence to express herself. The first step we took was to take her to PHC hospital where she was checked by a doctor and was given special nutritional peanuts and tablets to help her recover. Angel was very happy to see our home renovated and painted with cartoons, which was possible when Lift the children came onboard to support our home,” noted Sheila, the social worker.

Margret explained that after Angel’s recovery, they took her to Edelvale Primary school, a government primary school. After a few days Angel started to adjust to her new environment. “She was shy and often did not speak much,” added Margret.

“We have seen her transform into a very active child. She now talks more and enjoys being at school. There is nothing that brings us so much joy than to see children like Angel have an opportunity in life. We have taken it upon ourselves to regularly reach out to people in her village and update them on the progress of the young girl. We hope one day she will go back to see her grandmother and connect to her roots,” said Margret with a broad smile.

*Angel  is a pseudonym to protect the child’s identity*

You can learn more about Smile Community Centre on the link below.

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