International Day of an African Child- Stories that Inspire

18 June 2021

A true story of Lumbembe (not his real name).

Lumbembe grew up as a street boy on the streets of Nairobi. His luck came when he got rescued by a man on his own mission, adopted, and taken to the man’s home in Western Kenya. He joined a family of three boys and girl and attained formal education and remained with the family until he was 21yrs old. He  later moved to Nairobi in search of work after he was chased away from the home by the step brothers, after the death of the adopted father. They said he had no right to inherit anything.

Lumbembe sustained himself by looking for manual jobs in the city, but later moved to Athi River, a town of Nairobi, and was employed in a flower firm. He got married to Lukia (not her real name). Together they were blessed with four children, but after the birth of the fourth child, Lumbembe’s wife died.  Lumbembe was left a single father and looked after the children, three girls and a boy. He also fell sick and died five years later.
The four children, let’s call them Shalon, Lydia, Eliza, and Felix, in that order, were left orphaned with no close relatives or family in a town estate. Before the father died, he had called a pastor and a few church elders of the church he was attending and informed them that he had been adopted as child, but got chased from home when he became an adult, which meant he had no relatives that could look after his children in the event of his death. Since he was seriously ill at that time, he instructed the pastor to give his four children to a Christian based children’s home in case he died.
Just as he had anticipated, he succumbed to  the illness and the the children were left total orphans. The pastor, with the assistance of the local children’s department, found Bounden Children’s Rescue Centre- that’s how the children were rescued and committed to our home in 2016.

Bondeni means in the Valley

The eldest child, Shalon, is now 16 yrs and in high school in form three. Lydia and Eliza have just finished primary school and are waiting to join high school. Felix is now in class seven. All the children have settled well, adapted, and get along with everyone. This was after a lot of counselling and making them understand that God has a purpose and good plans  for them. He knew them before they were born and has good plans for their future.
Their story is an emotional one, but is also inspiring and helps us realize that the work we do is not in vain. It’s fulfilling to make a difference in a child’s life and know it is part of God’s purpose.
We have seen a lot of support come over the years to help us contribute towards building an Africa fit for Children. As we reflected and thought about what International Day for an African Child means, we found the story of these children worthy of sharing with the world.
Thank you to Lift the Children for all the support you extend to us.
Yours Sincerely
Bondeni Children Rescue Centre