14 May 2010

Aids is a terrible plague which affects so many more than the participants. We have children under our care that are orphans due to the fact that both of the parents have succumbed to the infection. We have children who are born with the affliction having received it through a deceased parent.  In Ethiopia we were visiting a small village and brought to a hut where the head of the house was 10 years old. His was the job to care for his younger siblings aged 4 to 8. He had to find food, shelter and care for them when they were sick. In another village we were taken to the hut wherein the small boy of 8 was living and caring for his infirm grandmother in the place of his parents who had both died from the disease.

If and when we ever find a cure for this terrible affliction on mankind, it will be decades before we can ever hope to erase the scars that have been seared into these young lives.